Discover Australia through her food

The island continent of Australia is a long way from anywhere which is why it was colonised by the British in the first place. Finding peaceful co-existence for both the migrants and the residents is ongoing even after over 200 years of the situation being forced upon all parties.

Most of those who were sent to Australia to atone their sins had no desire to be here and those who already lived here didn’t want them here either. However I was born and bred here so this is my home and after travelling to other parts of the world all I want is peace and happiness, the opportunity to learn from the old people and I will continue to fight to make Australia a better place for all.

Like many lands Australia is a multi-cultural society and we are able to enjoy food from varying cultures but unfortunately until recent times our very own naturally occurring foods have been overlooked. Although much of this continent looks barren and infertile, there is an abundance of food and my aim is to bring the food to our attention and to our tables.