Tanami Apple

A native to the central and western deserts of Australia.

Tanami Apples taste somewhat like a melon or zucchini and are a favourite of the indigenous people of the centre.

Tanami Apple is very scarce so the only way you can get to taste it is in Tanami FireĀ  SeasoningĀ  or Tanami Fire Dukkah, both of which are available at Taste Australia Bush Food Shop

Tanami Potato & Spinach Dip

100gm wilted spinach
150gm potato roasted in macadamia nut oil & Tanami Fire seasoning
50gm green beans
35gm grated Millel Pecata Cheese
30gm Tanami Fire infused Macadamia Nut Oil

Blend and serve.

Tanami Tartlets
(Cinnamon Myrtle Sweet Potato, Kangaroo seasoned with Tanami Fire and Mountain Pepper served with a dollop of Bush Tomato Jus)

400gm Sweet Potato (peeled & roughly chopped)
4gm Cinnamon Myrtle
40gm butter
100ml cream

2 Kangaroo Fillets
4gm Salt
4gm Mountain Pepper
40gm Outback Pride Tanami Fire

40gm Bush Tomato (crushed)
160ml Game Jus (see at left)

40 pastry cases

Peel and roughly chop the sweet potato, then place into a small pot together with cold water and a little salt; bring to the boil, then simmer for 35 minutes

Season the kangaroo with salt and mountain pepper, then sear on a hot grill or BBQ and cook on the hot plate or in an oven until medium rare; season with Tanami Fire while it rests for as long as it took to cook

In a sauce pan combine crushed bush tomato with game jus; bring to the boil and simmer, allowing the bush tomato flavour to infuse

Strain the sweet potato, then mash and combine with cinnamon myrtle, butter and cream

To serve, place a little sweet potato mash in the base of the tart shell, then place a slice of kangaroo on top and
finish with a drizzle of bush tomato jus.

Tanami Fire Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges

Preheat oven to 220C
Cut 4 medium sweet potatoes into wedges and toss with 2 tablespoons Macadamia Nut Oil and 2 teaspoons Outback Pride Tanami Fire in a bowl. Toss gently to coat. Line a baking tray with baking paper and place wedges on. Bake 30 mins
Season to taste.

Roasted Tanami Fire Potatoes

Place the number of potatoes per person into alfoil add a drizzle of oil and a teaspoon of Tanami Fire Seasoning. Bake as usual.